IMG_0245Howdy, I’m Jenn. I am a Visual Arts and Technology Educator. Currently, I teach art to middle school students just outside of Dallas, Texas. In the art studio, I facilitate a pedagogical model of choice-based visual art, where students explore art and develop a comprehensive understanding of art production, aesthetics, criticism, and history while also developing twenty-first century skills through the framework of design thinking and the Studio Habits of Mind. In addition, I am a Technology Lead Learner, which affords me opportunities to collaborate with teachers across the school and district to create dynamic, interdisciplinary connections and technology integration.


In art, we cover a multitude of artists, styles, cultures, and materials.  I particularly enjoy incorporating student interests and choice, as well as striving to make many interdisciplinary connections and integrating technology seamlessly in the art room.  I am passionate about encouraging students to collaborate, communicate, think critically, and especially, create!

Students have the opportunity to have their outstanding artwork on display in art shows throughout the school year.  These occasions provide the chance to meet the wonderful parents, families, and friends that champion and cheer the students on!  In addition, students maintain and build digital portfolios.

When I am not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our three sons.  I also enjoy gardening, baking, technology, reading, and of course, creating art!

certificateArt, EC-12 
English as a Second Language, Supplemental, EC-12

Technology Applications, EC-12