Board Objectives in the Art Room.

Board Objectives

Board Objectives

When students first walk into the art room, I always have the lesson objectives on the board.  Since I have grades K-5 every day, I have all grade level objectives posted.  Some of the information is also mirrored on the projection screen as a non-verbal cue as well as an aid for students who may not as easily see the board.

Over the period of a lesson, I have several items that are posted to remind the students (and me!) what we will be covering that day – especially since a project can last several days.  Each lesson plan has a title, vocabulary terms, assessment targets/benchmarks, a finished project example, and the content standard associated with the highest level of Bloom’s Taxonomy that will be covered that day.

Bloom's Taxonomy in Art

Bloom’s Taxonomy in Art

Sometimes, students will be expected to create graphic organizers that highlight important information about a specific artist, style of art, or art media.

At our school we employ the Daily 5 as one of many literacy strategies.  My students are expected to document their Word Work

Knowledge Rating Chart

Knowledge Rating Chart

onto their Knowledge Rating Charts, which are located on the front of their portfolios.  This activity gets them to self-assess and prepare for the new project, as well as ignite any prior knowledge of the project they are about to explore.  Occasionally, students will also

Read to Self from the Art text and have a small group discussion.  This information is documented on the board as well.

Some more detailing the board objective organization I used in the art room are highlighted here.

Happy art-making!

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